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Over 10 years of experience in helping clients finding comprehensive solutions.

Welcome to Eaproc

Get expert consultancy and support with Eaproc, an advisory firm that stand by your side always.

IT Consulting

Solution for every IT related problems, readily
and skillfully.

Risk Management

Calculate every possible risk in your business, take
control over them.

Market Research

Know the market before taking any step, reduce
risks before you go.

Quality Services

Experience unparalleled service, from beginning
to final construction.

Our Portfolio


School administration software is a Management Information System for education establishments that provides capabilities for registering students into classes/courses, Transportation Management, Infrastructure Management, Inventory/Stocks management, Human Resource Management and much more.


Full time management network software with exciting features like System lock/security, Personalized timer, Bandwidth monitoring, Print monitoring, Point of sales, Hardware restriction, Programs regulation, Application security, Remote desktop and Full chat system:


SaaS application that helps you to know the health of your bar and / or restaurant on your phone. Capture the data from your invoices and then find them on the platform. Use them to increase your income and stay competitive.

Why Choose Eaproc

We Are Professional

We resource, train, speak, mentor and encourage; marketplace leaders, business owners and career professionals to be effective in the workplace.

We Are Creative

With so many factors to consider when deciding how to characterize your company , wouldn’t it be great to have a group of forward-thinking, well-informed individuals on board who know what they’re doing?

24/7 Great Support

If you face any trouble, you can always let our dedicated support team help you. They are ready for you 24/7.

Awesome Team

Before talking destination, we shine a spotlight across your organization
to fully understand it.

Chat with team

Have a question? Simply request for a call and our expert will give you a call in a short moment. Request now .

Faster Performance

We develop a systematic well-ordered process of analysis, from concept through implementation.

If you have any IT related contract...
we are available 24/7

Things You Get

Creative Support

We transform brands, grow businesses, and tell brand and product stories in a most creative way.

Creating Experiences

We cover a large range of creative platforms and digital projects with one purpose: to create experiences.

Product Consulting

We guide you through the pipelines that generate new products with higher potential and lower risk.

Business Boosting

We provide energy-efficient and environmentally conservative solutions to our clients to boost their business.

Strategic Approach

Based on solid strategic framework and real, relevant research, we create prototypes, not presentations.

Logistic Consulting

We work side by side to give our clients hard hitting answers and focus hard on best opportunities.

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Our Team

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Gaylord Asoronye
Sales Expert / System Architect

Technology professional with formidable marketing skills. Implements computer networks.

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Ibukun Bello
Cloud Architect / System Architect

CTO at Barratio, Paris France, Senior Software Developer that specializes in overseeing computing strategy.

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Daniel Famojuro
Graphics Designer / Creative Director

Founder and CEO of HME, producing high quality and professional artwork cover.

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do the big things.

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